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  • Informazioni base

    Informazioni base

    To make sure that our guests can fully enjoy the atmosphere of Andaman, kindly we ask you to moderate the tone of your voice, and mute your phone. ANDAMAN respects its customers and their time.All reservations that suffer a delay of more than 15 [...]
  • Andaman Massage

    Andaman Massage

    Traditional Thai massage with oil, energetic and concentrated on the muscles, recommended for people who practice physical activity. [...]
  • Thai Massage with Herbal Compress

    Thai Massage with Herbal Compress

    This treatment is made by applying compressed steam-heated herbal compresses. The effect is an increase in blood circulation and deep relaxation. Ideal for those who suffer from muscle pain and inflammation. [...]
  • Idea Regalo

    Idea Regalo

    Regala un momento speciale e rilassante con un'elegante confezione regalo. [...]