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  • Traditional Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai Massage

    The traditional Thai massage, consists of body techniques which aim to find the well-being in a natural way. This is not a medical practice, but it is based on fundamental principles of acupressure and palmopressione of thumbs, hands, forearms, [...]
  • Andaman deep tissue Massage

    Andaman deep tissue Massage

    Traditional Thai massage with oil, energetic and concentrated on the muscles, recommended for people who practice physical activity.(LEVEL MEDIUM-STRONG) Category: ASIA EUPHORIA MASSAGES Price 60/90 minutes € 60/90  [...]
  • Antistress relax Massage

    Antistress relax Massage

    A unique treatment that combines techniques thai, shiatsu, lulur massaging the body with a mixture of Asian oils. A tactile and olfactory journey that awakens energy, relaxing the body and mind.LEVEL SOFT Category: ASIA EUPHORIA [...]
  • Candel Massage Aroma Therapy

    Candel Massage Aroma Therapy

    The functional principles of candle's balm gives light and pleasure to your skin, united aromatherapy, help to restore the physical and mental wellbeing. Category: ASIA EUPHORIA MASSAGES Price 60 minutes € 65 [...]
  • Thai Massage with Herbal Compress

    Thai Massage with Herbal Compress

    This treatment is made by applying compressed steam-heated herbal compresses. The effect is an increase in blood circulation and deep relaxation. Ideal for those who suffer from muscle pain and inflammation. Category: ASIA EUPHORIA [...]
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